2014 Call for Board Nominations

Submission of Nominees

To suggest a candidate for consideration, please submit, at minimum, the nominee’s name and foundation (or corporate giving program) affiliation(s), and a short statement indicating why this individual should be considered for the Council’s board. Note that both nominator and nominee must be on the board or paid staff of a voting member of the Council.

Submitting additional information strengthens the nomination. This may include the following:

Nominator (You): *



*required information

Nominee: *



*required information

Briefly describe why your nominee should be considered for the Council's Board.*:

Optional: A full Biographical Resume for your nominee:

or submit an attached file below:

Optional: Please describe in more detail below the specific skills, knowledge, qualities, and insights your nominee would bring to the board (with emphasis on the skills and expertise sought by the Governance Committee) and why specifically you think this person would serve the Council well as a director. You also may highlight the candidate's contributions and leadership experience in the field of philanthropy, including service on Council committees or involvement in regional associations of grantmakers, affinity groups, or other infrastructure groups: