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Voting members

of the Council on Foundations are foundations, corporations or philanthropic entities that primarily provide charitable support to two or more unrelated, external organizations or individuals on an annual basis and that support the public good. The member's governance structure is independent of government control or created by tribal law. The purpose for joining the Council is to advance philanthropy through learning and connecting with others involved in philanthropic activity.

Associate members

of the Council on Foundations are philanthropic support entities, organizations or consultants that are engaged in the professional business of serving foundations, corporations or philanthropic entities.

Examples of associate members include:

  • Academic programs/centers on the nonprofit or philanthropy sectors
  • Nonprofit organizations providing services to grantmakers and foundations
  • Legal and financial advisors to foundations/giving programs/individual donors
  • Law firms
  • Consulting firms and consultants who advise in the practice of philanthropy or who advise organizations that serve the field of philanthropy
  • Vendors to the philanthropic field (for example: software providers, publishers)

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