2011 Rural Philanthropy Conference

July 25-27, 2011
Kansas City Marriott Downtown | Kansas City, Missouri


Philanthropy in rural America has generated some of the most innovative success stories in our nation. Rural funders face truly distinctive challenges with limited resources, yet they regularly develop programs with celebrated successes. This year's Rural Philanthropy Conference — INNOVATE, IMPLEMENT, IMPACT — will equip you with tools specifically tailored to build upon these successes.

Not Your Traditional Conference

The 2011 Rural Philanthropy Conference isn't your traditional conference because our sessions will be "funders talking to funders." Each session will encourage your participation in defining rural philanthropy's role. We'll focus on successful case studies, provide the tools you need to replicate them in your own communities, and ask you to share your expertise to enrich our conversations.

Plenary Speakers

Tom Vilsack
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Dr. Robert Groves
Director, US Census Bureau

Mil Duncan
Research Director, AGree

Henry Bloch
Co-Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board, H&R Block

Tom Bloch
Author of Many Happy Returns: The Story of Henry Bloch, America's Tax Man

Choose From Three Themed Tracks

Choose one track to follow throughout the conference. Each concurrent session in a track will involve highly interactive discussions led by funders who will ensure participants share their own experiences and explore best practices most suitable for their communities or regions.

Track One:
Creating and Capturing Philanthropic Resources in Rural Communities
Track Two:
Public Policy's Role in Rural America's Future
Track Three:
Philanthropy's Role in Building a New Rural Economy
Explore techniques for raising awareness of philanthropic investments, capturing and keeping wealth within rural communities, and creating long-term investment strategies for the future sustainability and growth of rural populations. Learn about changes in federal and state laws that affect rural funding programs, and discuss methods for raising public awareness of the importance of advocacy on behalf of rural areas. Focus on successful strategies for building sustainable economic growth in rural areas.